Visit Salzburg: what to see in 2 days

From Salzburg’s Hohensalzburg Fortress to the most famous chocolate cake in the world and the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: all my tips on what to see in Salzburg, the Austrian city of music, in just 2 days. Video story available on my Instagram account S.arigato –>here! Day 1 Located on the slopes of two hills, Salzburg (the salt village),… Read more →

Visit San Francisco in 4 days: the best travel itinerary!

The city of San Francisco is surrounded by a mystical and magical aura. One of the most modern metropolis in the world, headquarters of giants such as Apple and Microsoft, it looks suspended in time in a harmonious succession of Californian hills. The San Francisco Bay area is located among the beautiful hills and the most famous vineyards of America,… Read more →

What to see in Abu Dhabi: my 2 days itinerary!

I have to admit it, the United Arab Emirates did not steal my heart. It must be said, however, that they are certainly not boring or lacking in identity, as I have repeatedly heard! In Abu Dhabi you can immerse yourself in the beautiful culture and visit the brand new Louvre Abu Dhabi or measure your fears in the world’s fastest roller… Read more →

Dubai Trip: the Best Things To Do in Dubai over 5 days!

New Year’s Eve in Dubai has something magical. The eyes of the whole world are focused on the thousand lights that illuminate the great Burj Khalifa and the feeling you get, sitting on your knees on the coloured carpets at the foot of the skyscraper, is a mixture of emotions and fears. Fears, perhaps, arise from cultural differences. From the… Read more →

The stunning Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Ashfield watch!

You guys know already how much I love DW watches. The strap mesh in stainless steel is my absolute favourite and this year DW has gone totally black (& totally cool) with the amazing Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Ashfield! As always, Daniel Wellington has fully met my expectations by creating a watch at the same time elegant, delicate, not too thick and… Read more →

The city of Lugano: are you ready to wow?

In this frantic flow of thoughts, actions, and distractions sometimes it is hard to be surprised. We are literally bombarded with unnecessary informations that everything seems trivial, dull and repetitive. Yet, often, nature has this magical gift and for me the great thing about travelling is to be surprised. The city of #Lugano has pleasantly surprised me and here’s a little… Read more →

Sailing in Croatia with “The Boat Trip”!

Good morning guys!! As you may have seen on my Instagram page (@s.arigato) I just came back from a wonderful trip! Sailing in Croatia with “The Boat Trip” team, a Polish agency with headquarters in Warsaw that organises boat trips in numerous tourist destinations including Croatia, as been simply a great adventure! This time my beardy boy had work to do so… Read more →

Cadiz what to see: a trip in the most ancient Andalusian pearl!

Hi guys! As promised here it continues the story of my wonderful trip to Andalucia, which I had already spoken here! Today I’m talking about Cadiz what to see, where to go and what to do in this wonderful city, which I visited with my kids last June. Cadiz is a small Andalusian port city, the oldest city in Europe… Read more →

The floral embroidery in typical Andalusian style!

Like every years the arrival of summer puts me in a good mood! These days in Andalusia were absolutely breathtaking and the thing that most of all attracts me is the Andalusian vegetation so lush and rich in colorful flowers! I often take inspiration from my travels in choosing clothes and accessories I will wear in the next few months… Read more →

My “second Erasmus” in Jerez de la Frontera (part 2)!

As promised, to continue the story of the magical days I have spent in Andalusia, today I have some suggestions about interesting things to do in Jerez de la Frontera! First of all, you must know that Jerez is one of the major Andalusian centres of Flamenco! Apart from the tourist destinations, where you will find pretty expensive exhibitions, to… Read more →