Month: October 2014

Take a dip into Raz

Hi Beauties!!! I know it’s been a while since my last post but I’ve been so incredibly busy with work and plenty of new exciting collaborations. I just cannot wait to tell you.. so take a deep breath and a dip into Razswimear collection! Raz Swimwear is a luxury swimwear brand completely manufactured in the USA.          … Read more →

Colour your life! @MochilaMilano

There’ s an ancient community on the other side of the world, an indigenous tribù with strong and beautiful beliefs. Inhabitants of the la Guajira peninsula on the Caribbean coast, the Wayuu have developed their own traditional music, instruments and can certainly have their say in fashion. And that’s what I love the most, when the industrialized “West” of multinational corporations and… Read more →

Would U B mine?

Hi girls, It’s Sara here and I finally managed to cut some time for myself and talk about a new amazing collaboration project on my way! Her name is Judi May Ju, Korean, product designer and brilliant mind. Encouraged by her career in fashion MD she had a strong desire in creating her own particular fashion item and finally made it!… Read more →

Is fasting healthy? No, fasting makes you fat.

Is fasting healthy? The answer is no. Here’s why! Our world is slowly adapting to the digital age, but despite everything that happens around us, the body that we possess is still the one that has allowed us to survive and progress. We are not physiologically so different from our ancestors, who literally had to carry on the species. It seems… Read more →

Fancy a rolling tea??

I’ve always been incredibly attracted to sports. One reason could be the fact that my mum opened her gym a year before I was born and fitness is always been part of my life (and that is great!). I personally prefer team sports to individual sports but anyone feels differently. Today I ‘m going to talk about a pretty awesome… Read more →