Month: March 2015

Beauty Tips to Hide Sleepless Nights

The tossing and turning of a sleepless night can make for a cringe worthy appearance in the morning. From bags under the eyes to dull skin—our appearance takes a beating when we don’t get enough shut eye. Alight has the solution! Take a look through their collection of DIY remedies and transform your sleepless skin, making it appear as if… Read more →

The Silver Evolution by Marana S.A.S.

I hate doing my P.H.D!! 🙁 I get so frustrated with things not working that it almost seems that everything around me goes wrong. It’s like having a little cloud on your head, and it’s raining everyday!! So instead of working today, I was diving on Instagram looking for some interesting designs to show to you and I ran across… Read more →

The 2starshoes spring collection!

Well, I’m addicted. You know it, I know it, even my bedroom’s floor knows it. It has been trampled on so many times that I believe if it could talk he would yell at me: ” stop buying shoes!!! “. I simply don’t care and I always (and I say ALWAYS) can find an excuse to buy new ones. Today… Read more →

Take A Walk On The Wild Side!

In collaboration with:

Ph. Fabrizio Donati

Nel blu dipinto di blu!

In collaboration with:

Ph. Fabrizio Donati