Month: June 2015

Fashion bracelets for a good cause. You make a difference!

Hello Babes! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I simply cannot sleep (I’m gonna get a super short hair cut tomorrow and I’m nervous, but shhh don’t tell anybody) and there’s a huge project I want to introduce to you tonight. Unfortunately, we live in a world where appearance is a virtue and generosity is considered weakness. For this reason,… Read more →

When London means Fashion for everybody!

It is a simple Thursday afternoon when I escape early from work to catch up with my food blogger friend Ilaria, visiting from France.  London is the typical crazy city I see everyday with people rushing nowhere, sweating in an unusual hot weather for being early June. East London is definitely my favourite and I have in mind two or three nice places we… Read more →

Bikini to impress! @BananaMoon

My PhD is slowly facing the end and I’m already dreaming my next adventure. Where will it be? Who knows. Living in London for 4 long years has been one of the most beautiful and entertaining experiences of my life and has certainly defined some of my priorities. Among those, the necessity of seeing at least a little blue corner in the… Read more →