Month: November 2015

Jamboree FoodFest and Bar!

With the arrival of the Christmas season me and my beardy boy have been invited to a number of tasting events in London. The atmosphere around the city is absolutely spectacular and tasting great food while having a beer, watching lights and decorations is every time more overwhelming! A couple of days ago we had the pleasure to be invited at… Read more →

Black Friday Deals!!

It’s Black Friday folks, and I’ve got a detailed list of codes you can use to get discount on everything you like!! It’s time for shopping.. Enjoy!! -20% off at Zara -20& off at adidas using code “BLACKFRIDAY” -20% off at Office -20% off at PullandBear -20% off at Ted Baker -20% off at Misguided -20% off at AnnSummers -20%… Read more →

Time to get pampered!

While this week we had a taste of winter with a drastic decrease of temperatures here in London, I feel there’s not better time (and excuse!) to seek refuge in a Health centre and get a bit pampered. Being such a huge city, London offers an infinity of places to relax but how do we know which one is the… Read more →

Taste of London!

Hello There 🙂 Hands on my keyboard I’m ready to rush into a new post, opening the ground for a new category on the blog: #food! I just got back from a fantastic day, spent around amazing chefs and lovely cuisine at the Taste of London event and there’s no better time to talk about it than now! So get yourself… Read more →

Fly me to Jupiter, a jewellery story!

A couple of weeks ago me and my beardy boy had the pleasure to participate at Kassandra Lauren Gordon’s “Fly me to jupiter” collection launch in London. The launch was a great success and I got so inspired by the awesome jewellery pieces that I decided to dedicate a post on my blog to the artist and her lovely collection!… Read more →

3 days in Barcelona with my Beardy Boy!

As usual, it’s my late birthday celebration holiday and my beardy boy and me are on a flight from London to Barcelona. While London is lying under a thick layer of fog, there’s no better way to recharge your batteries than watching the waves touching the sand on a sunny and warm day! A friend of mine living in Barcelona… Read more →