Month: January 2016

Cycling Essentials!

Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog ūüôā After Christmas I was feeling a bit heavier and I thought doing some cycling would help! I’m particularly in love with cycling and since I moved to London I miss it a lot! I’ve leaved all my life in this little Italian city called Pesaro, where cycling is a great party of… Read more →

3D print your accessories with Wonderluk!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Roberta, the creator of Wonderluk, bought her first 3D printer a while ago.. believing it would transform her relationship with fashion.¬†She would imagine¬†herself¬†creating incredible fashion accessories and having them ready to wear within a few hours. It all turned out to be disappointing. It would take¬†hours of tech coding to print a simple bracelet. Also,… Read more →

Christmas at Kew <3

Christmas is already gone.. and with it the¬†lights, the christmas trees, the decorations and the fantastic atmosphere that we feel in the air during the festive months! This year, for the first time, I celebrated Christmas in London with my lovely family. Cappelletti, torroni and panettone Filippi¬†were readily imported from Italy and we treated ourselves with the amazing¬†Italian drink “spritz”… Read more →