Month: February 2016

London Fashion Week, AW2016 (part1)

This AW2016 London Fashion Week kicked off with a WOW. Day one was all about a feminine, glamorous and chic mood at the Eudon Choi and Ryan Lo shows and the Threefloor presentation. All over the catwalks there was a prevailing of details: sequins, furs, buttons and zips. Then there were the coats – extremely oversized, rich and illustrious. Here’s some pics from my favourite… Read more →

Iceland- Reykjavik and around

Double click on your Spotify. Eddie Vedder- Guaranteed. Start the music! There are trips that inspire stories, those that you get home- from endless hours between airplanes and transfers- and make yourself a cup of tea, to sip without even realizing it, for the rush to throw all your thoughts on a white sheet. Other trips- well, you just want to hide them, like secrets… Read more →

Vist Scandinavia: Oslo in 2 days

It’s 4 pm and I get my usual break at work. I drink my cup of coffee and sit on the big orange sofa they have just delivered for our common room. It’s a sunny day in London and the Big Ben shines in all its beauty out of the gigantic window. “Do you guys have plans for the weekend?” Me:… Read more →

Valentine’s day: 10 Nice ideas for him/her <3

As it happens every year, the month of February restores the harmony lost after the festivities and brings along two special (though, sometimes, annoying) events: snow and Valentine’s day! The latter in particular is not particularly loved by those who are still in search of their half apple and sometimes creates some anxiety even to the lovers themselves. Groups of friends… Read more →