Month: April 2016

Vendula London!

Everything is possible here in London! In late April it’s still 10 degrees and today hailed so much that the road seemed almost snowy! Me and my beardy boy took advantage of the few minutes of peace to take some pictures in front of the house! And to show you that in London is really all possible, I want to show… Read more →

The amazing London Coffee Festival!

It’s 9.30am on a rare Saturday morning in London and I (as usual) wake up a bit earlier than my beardy boy (he likes to watch NBA games at night). It’s few days until my PhD thesis dissertation, I can feel the anxiety rapidly growing everyday, but I’m quite happy and relieved today as we planned to take the day… Read more →

Spring break- Turin in 3 days!

Although spring this year has a very bitter taste, the alarm clock in the morning reminds you that everything continues, inexorably and beautifully, to run its own course. The sun that warms the grass still wet from the dew, the rebirth of flowers and colors, the Easter of resurrection for believers and non-believers and a proud life crescendo. This past weekend… Read more →