Month: May 2016

Wings Of Northern Wind won a Liebster Award!

Wings Of Northern Wind is finally spreading its wings and it won its first award!! I was super enthusiast to be nominated by the lovely Charlotte Ahern for a Liebster award, a recognition given from one blogger to another with the aim to share and discover new blogs. Charlotte is a travel blogger like me who has an amazing blog She Travels, with many… Read more →

Little Italian treasures: Bomarzo monster’s park!

This month, while working at the corrections of our doctoral thesis, me and my beardy boy took refuge in Viterbo. As a Viterbese “Doc”, the beardy boy (with no beard – he shaved to remake his passport!!) is bringing me around his region to discover the beauty of his land. These days have been truly remarkable, I felt in love with the… Read more →

Summer in bikini with Cucò costumi!

Good afternoon girls!!! With this lovely sunny day here in London I’m dreaming summer already!! So I started to have a look around, on Instagram to be precise (I find everything there !!) in search of the pretties and most suitable bikinis for my body type and I found many original and creative ones! As every year, I will show some of my… Read more →

Natural Material meets style: thanks to Aarni Wood!

Happy Monday girls!! I recently came across a lovely websites that sells refined wooden watches and I thought I could talk about it on the blog! As you already know, wooden watches, glasses and phone-cases are now becoming incredibly fashionable and with the good season ahead we can definitely start showing them off! The brand I’ m going to talk… Read more →