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Viterbo Christmas Village and the “Van Gogh Shadow” exhibition!

Good afternoon sweeties and Happy New Year to you all!! How did you spend the first few days of the year? I am slowly recovering from dinners and late hours (I think I am beginning to feel my almost 30es :(… ouch). This first week of the year, I have been here in Viterbo with my beardy boy and yesterday afternoon we took a… Read more →

Merry Christmas, with love!

“The secret, Alice, is to surround yourself with people who make your heart smile. It’s then, only then, that you’ll find Wonderland” -Merry Christmas- Sara  Read more →

Corona Sunsets Festival <3

When I think about summer .. the amazing italian riviera always comes into my mind!! Beach parties, the rhythm of the music and that crazy desire to “dance all night”! I must admit that my little town, Pesaro, is a shining jewel, with its bicycle nights and the lovely sunsets seen from here, but the italian Riviera is certainly the best and for… Read more →

Wings Of Northern Wind won a Liebster Award!

Wings Of Northern Wind is finally spreading its wings and it won its first award!! I was super enthusiast to be nominated by the lovely Charlotte Ahern for a Liebster award, a recognition given from one blogger to another with the aim to share and discover new blogs. Charlotte is a travel blogger like me who has an amazing blog She Travels, with many… Read more →

The amazing London Coffee Festival!

It’s 9.30am on a rare Saturday morning in London and I (as usual) wake up a bit earlier than my beardy boy (he likes to watch NBA games at night). It’s few days until my PhD thesis dissertation, I can feel the anxiety rapidly growing everyday, but I’m quite happy and relieved today as we planned to take the day… Read more →

A day with.. Piero Guidi!

It doesn’t happen everyday, to find yourself face to face with one of the phenomena of our time and, when one year ago I started this blog, I never thought I could have the fortune to even shake his hand and sit together on a round table to discuss a project dear to both. Call it passion, tenacity, dedication or guideline,… Read more →

The Photography Show- Birmingham (19-22 March 2016)

March is finally here (we are already feeling blessed for the great sunny days here in London) and with it, there’s a big event coming up: The Photography show! The event is dedicated to everything photography, from inspiring enthusiasts, to providing professional photographers with access to exclusive networking and giving leading photography brands the opportunity to show the audience new exciting technologies and accessories… Read more →

Christmas at Kew <3

Christmas is already gone.. and with it the lights, the christmas trees, the decorations and the fantastic atmosphere that we feel in the air during the festive months! This year, for the first time, I celebrated Christmas in London with my lovely family. Cappelletti, torroni and panettone Filippi were readily imported from Italy and we treated ourselves with the amazing Italian drink “spritz”… Read more →

Jamboree FoodFest and Bar!

With the arrival of the Christmas season me and my beardy boy have been invited to a number of tasting events in London. The atmosphere around the city is absolutely spectacular and tasting great food while having a beer, watching lights and decorations is every time more overwhelming! A couple of days ago we had the pleasure to be invited at… Read more →

Taste of London!

Hello There 🙂 Hands on my keyboard I’m ready to rush into a new post, opening the ground for a new category on the blog: #food! I just got back from a fantastic day, spent around amazing chefs and lovely cuisine at the Taste of London event and there’s no better time to talk about it than now! So get yourself… Read more →