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The amazing London Coffee Festival!

It’s 9.30am on a rare Saturday morning in London and I (as usual) wake up a bit earlier than my beardy boy (he likes to watch NBA games at night). It’s few days until my PhD thesis dissertation, I can feel the anxiety rapidly growing everyday, but I’m quite happy and relieved today as we planned to take the day… Read more →

Jamboree FoodFest and Bar!

With the arrival of the Christmas season me and my beardy boy have been invited to a number of tasting events in London. The atmosphere around the city is absolutely spectacular and tasting great food while having a beer, watching lights and decorations is every time more overwhelming! A couple of days ago we had the pleasure to be invited at… Read more →

Taste of London!

Hello There 🙂 Hands on my keyboard I’m ready to rush into a new post, opening the ground for a new category on the blog: #food! I just got back from a fantastic day, spent around amazing chefs and lovely cuisine at the Taste of London event and there’s no better time to talk about it than now! So get yourself… Read more →

London Cocktail Week

It’s London Cocktail Week and I book myself and my beardy boy in for a Sunday afternoon diving in whiskeys, cocktails and awesome food! The venue is London’s bar and restaurant Mussel Men. A cozy, familiar place in Dalston always hides increadible surprises! It’s rule n. 1, I should have known it. We get in quite early and I’ve got some time to… Read more →

Omnivore Masterclasses and party by Badoit

London’s vibrant food lovers community Omnivore has done its first appearance in east London this weekend with a great line up of events at the Old Truman Brewery in Brick Lane. Thanks to my lovely food blogger friend Ilaria, I had the opportunity to participate at the event with my beardy love <3 Since its inception in September 2003, Omnivore was… Read more →