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Viterbo Christmas Village and the “Van Gogh Shadow” exhibition!

Good afternoon sweeties and Happy New Year to you all!! How did you spend the first few days of the year? I am slowly recovering from dinners and late hours (I think I am beginning to feel my almost 30es :(… ouch). This first week of the year, I have been here in Viterbo with my beardy boy and yesterday afternoon we took a… Read more →

Little Italian treasures: Bomarzo monster’s park!

This month, while working at the corrections of our doctoral thesis, me and my beardy boy took refuge in Viterbo. As a Viterbese “Doc”, the beardy boy (with no beard – he shaved to remake his passport!!) is bringing me around his region to discover the beauty of his land. These days have been truly remarkable, I felt in love with the… Read more →

Spring break- Turin in 3 days!

Although spring this year has a very bitter taste, the alarm clock in the morning reminds you that everything continues, inexorably and beautifully, to run its own course. The sun that warms the grass still wet from the dew, the rebirth of flowers and colors, the Easter of resurrection for believers and non-believers and a proud life crescendo. This past weekend… Read more →

My holidays in italy, a suitcase Odyssey!

Spending Summer days in Italy is everybody’s dream, good weather, great beaches and obviously, lovely food. I am italian and although being aware of the infinite number of unrisolved issues my country is still facing, I truly believe it is the most beautiful place in the World to spend my summer holidays! Moving from London is a bit of an Odyssey… Read more →

Sardinia holidays with my beardy boy.. a place that stole my heart! ❤

Our Sardinia holidays adventure is finally out on the blog with many suggestions about wonderful beaches! Are you ready? Sardinia is the second bigger island in Italy after Sicily and it is absolutely gorgeous. Me and my beardy-boy went there on holiday this summer and it just left us breathless!! The best way to get to Sardinia from London is… Read more →