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The island of rainbows: Madeira! (part 2)

Ciao Belli! As promised, tonight I will finish to tell you about my wonderful trip to Madeira! So let’s start from where we left.. it’s always me, my beardy boy and our lazy punto car! The next stop-over is Ponta do Pargo, a diamond-shape territory located on a fabulous cliff, on the western edge of Madeira! You can get there by… Read more →

Madeira Shooting


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Visit Madeira: the island of rainbows!

Do you know what’s the best thing about getting your birthday present 3 months later? Waiting. Waiting increments desire and builds expectations. Well, most of the time the result does not meet the expectation but this time it did, happy un-birthday to me: it’s time to visit Madeira!!! Madeira is a tiny Portuguese island in the Atlantic ocean, a green… Read more →