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Modern Classy greek style outfit <3

  Hola babes! I just got back from the beautiful Malta and I can’t wait to show you all the incredible treasures this island has to offer! (This will come soon..) In the meantime here’s a new outfit I wore for a casual evening, having dinner with my beardy boy at Ramla Bay Resort. Located along the northern-most coast of… Read more →

Matching AW 16/17 trends with the lovely Elie Beaumont watches!

There is no need to say, we love to be perfect. Fashionable haircut, perfect rich and bright colour, high heels and that dress that “I couldn’t resist, I had to buy it!”. Even those who do not follow the latest trends in fashion, always try to match the right accessories to their outfit! This is why I decided to give… Read more →

Vendula London!

Everything is possible here in London! In late April it’s still 10 degrees and today hailed so much that the road seemed almost snowy! Me and my beardy boy took advantage of the few minutes of peace to take some pictures in front of the house! And to show you that in London is really all possible, I want to show… Read more →

If The Shoe Fits! A website selling sizes 7-13!

Good morning girls!! Raise your hand if you are at least 1.72 m high and with a shoe size bigger than 6 uk? The statistics do not lie, generations have changed, women are taller and have longer feet. I myself carry a 7 uk!! We are adorable giants <3 !! Unfortunately for us, the majority of websites and shops -where we… Read more →

An adorable floral spring coat!

Hello gorgeous!! Sun is finally out (one day a week :)) and here in London we start to emerge from hibernation! With the good season, British seek fresh air and enjoy their spring traditions of pic-nics and infinite walks in all these beautiful parks we have in the city! In Woolwich (the area where we live now) there is a great… Read more →

Spring/Summer with CHIChi London <3

Girls!! Finally a bit of sun!! Even here in London spring is in the air and my beloved green meadows begin to be populated by colorful flowers .. Last weekend I went home, to my beloved Pesaro that always manages to amaze me! Taking advantage of a couple of sunny days, I took some photos on the seaside with my best… Read more →

Winter with Shores!

I still remember when, at the age of 15, I got my first leather jacket from one of the lovely boutiques in Florence. I had wanted one for years, but I was not sure it would suit me. Leather jackets are often associated with gorgeous self-confident girls and I definitely didn’t think I could wear one without looking ridiculous! I was certainly wrong. I loved… Read more →

Shining ChiChi

To match a cute dress with lovely hills is extremely simple and effective. So I decided to opt for a more ‘rocker-chic’ look, with this Chi Chi London dress, matched with a pair of Docs – and I ended up loving it so much! I normally choose very dark colours and ‘all-black’, minimal, masculine outfits. This time I wanted to give it… Read more →

Black Friday Deals!!

It’s Black Friday folks, and I’ve got a detailed list of codes you can use to get discount on everything you like!! It’s time for shopping.. Enjoy!! -20% off at Zara -20& off at adidas using code “BLACKFRIDAY” -20% off at Office -20% off at PullandBear -20% off at Ted Baker -20% off at Misguided -20% off at AnnSummers -20%… Read more →