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Japan: Kanazawa in 2 days!

If you’ve come a long way to Japan you have definitely been charmed by its culture, dense of tradition. The geisha and the samurai actually existed and sometimes you can meet them again, especially in Kanazawa, a small town in the north, just a few hours from Tokyo! Me and my beardy boy, still dazed after our days in Tokyo, stayed one night in… Read more →

Spring break- Turin in 3 days!

Although spring this year has a very bitter taste, the alarm clock in the morning reminds you that everything continues, inexorably and beautifully, to run its own course. The sun that warms the grass still wet from the dew, the rebirth of flowers and colors, the Easter of resurrection for believers and non-believers and a proud life crescendo. This past weekend… Read more →

Cycling Essentials!

Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog 🙂 After Christmas I was feeling a bit heavier and I thought doing some cycling would help! I’m particularly in love with cycling and since I moved to London I miss it a lot! I’ve leaved all my life in this little Italian city called Pesaro, where cycling is a great party of… Read more →

Christmas in London!

This year (for the first time in 28 years!) I will not celebrate Christmas in my beloved Pesaro but my family (mom, dad’ and hopefully my little sister!) will be joining me here in London!! Pure madness? Maybe. There’s a really tremendous chaos, but Christmas in London is simply magical and chaos or not, everybody loves it!! But let’s get… Read more →