Sardinia holidays with my beardy boy.. a place that stole my heart! ❤

Our Sardinia holidays adventure is finally out on the blog with many suggestions about wonderful beaches! Are you ready?


Sardinia is the second bigger island in Italy after Sicily and it is absolutely gorgeous. Me and my beardy-boy went there on holiday this summer and it just left us breathless!!
The best way to get to Sardinia from London is to take one of the cheap Ryanair flights to Alghero or Olbia and rent a car.. and that’s what we did. We arrived in Alghero very early in the morning, the plan was to visit one of the most impressive and well-known beaches in Stintino before heading to Santa Teresa di Gallura. Unfortunately the weather was not on our side.. but we managed to take some pretty pictures in the beautiful Stintino beach: “La pelosa”.

IMG_8110 IMG_8113IMG_8136IMG_8146
















A thunderstorm was outside the door but we left just before and made it to Santa Teresa di Gallura. The main town square has various tourist shops and restaurants (with wifi). Immediately to the north of the town is the beautiful Rena Bianca, Santa Teresa’s main beach. In the summer this beach is almost always crowded, and the water is generally warm but we were there in June and it was not that busy.










Me and my beardy boy planned our trip and visited two beaches per day. Between them all I would suggest Cala Granu in Porto Cervo and the blue beaches of Capriccioli.

IMG_8388    IMG_8291  
IMG_7813    IMG_7827

A trip on a boat can freak you out if you are sea sick; but if not I will suggest to go and visit the little island of La Maddalena. La Maddalena is renowned for its beaches and characterized by rocky granitic terrain with some ancient fortifications. Spalmatore and Bassa Trinita are two popular beaches. It is connected by causeway with the nearby island of Caprera, famous as the residence of the Italian revolutionary Giuseppe Garibaldi. There are some daily trips departing from Santa Teresa and stopping also in some other cute beaches like Spargi and Cala Corsara, totally awesome!!

IMG_8437 IMG_8452 IMG_8427 IMG_8424
















There’s not much to visit a part for the crazy beaches and the plenty of water sports you can practise everyday but it’s definitely the perfect place to escape from the stressful London and relax, totally.

I Hope you guys will follow my advice and get there as soon as you can. Your awesome Sardinia holidays are waiting!!

I’m sure you will love it!