Visit Madeira: the island of rainbows!

Do you know what’s the best thing about getting your birthday present 3 months later? Waiting. Waiting increments desire and builds expectations. Well, most of the time the result does not meet the expectation but this time it did, happy un-birthday to me: it’s time to visit Madeira!!!


Madeira is a tiny Portuguese island in the Atlantic ocean, a green lung of magic nature. We took our flight from London early in the morning and got there around midday. I was expecting a normal airport for such a holiday place and I almost fainted when I realised that the landing strip is built 50 meters away from the sea! I was still shocked (I know I’m suck a sissy!) while my beardy-boy rented a car and we started our journey to Funchal (If you ever happen to go there rent a gps device you will need it!). To visit Madeira at the best, we stayed at the Lince hotel in Funchal which I definitely recommend for its cleanliness, huge breakfasts and the awesome pool on the roof.








The first evening was quite chilled as we were still dazed from the trip (Funchal by night doesn’t offer anything special a part from plenty of places to eat and great seafood!). On the way back we passed by the workers’ market (Mercado dos Lavradores), a jubilation of colours and exciting smells.

Visit Madeira - S.arigato and the beardy boy!
Visit Madeira – S.arigato and the beardy boy!
Visit Madeira - the amazing market <3
Visit Madeira – the amazing market <3











On the second day we visited the west side of the island: Camara dos Lobos, Cabo Girao, Calheta, Ponta do Pargo, Porto Moniz, Seixal, Sao Vicente and Serra de Agua.

Câmara de Lobos is the second largest city by population in Madeira, famous for the coloured boats and the delicious salted codfish. Walking there is definitely an experience!

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Cabo Girao offers a great view of the island and makes your legs shake fast if you are afraid of the heights!

Visit Madeira - cabo girao!
Visit Madeira – cabo girao!

Calheta is the only sandy beach in Madeira and was imported from Marocco. The perfect place for our shoot!

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