My U.S. Adventure! -Chicago-

Hey babes! Apologies for my absence in the last couple of weeks, I had my parents over and I went for an exiting weekend to Italy.. but I will tell you about that another time!

I’m finally back to my loved blog, lying on my bed with a cup of hot coffee, laptop on my legs, ready to write a new story that I hope you’ll like! Today I’m gonna tell you something about the amazing trip I’ve made last summer with my boyfriend in the U.S.



With the excuse of a conference in Chicago in the end of August we planned our trip to visit the “city of the wind” for a few days and then spend a week in New York before flying back to our grey London. I took some days off and went back to Italy at the end of August, to get the chance to sunbathe and go clubbing with my lovely friends. Then, after sadly saying goodbye to my family, I left for Chicago! After stopping over in London and a 13h trip I finally arrived in the U.S. where my boyfriend and some friends from London were waiting for me.
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Chicago is a really weird city, there’s plenty of supertall buildings, skyscrapers everywhere and huge american-style roads with 4-5 lanes each. It looks like being in a city of the future, where everything is supersized and technologically at the state-of-the-art!

We went on the Architecture River Cruise, riding on a turistic boat through all these supertall buildings (which is one of the few things you can do in Chicago from a cultural point-of-view). There’s not much historical landmarks to see (maybe that’s the feeling I had since I’m from Italy ), but the landscape with all these sky-high buildings is absolutely amazing!







To me, the most stunning of all is the Trump tower, which is a over 400 m high shining skyscraper right in the heart of the Chicago loop, with restaurants, spas and luxury apartments.












We didn’t manage to get into it, but we went instead for cocktails at the 94th floor at the “Signature Room” in the John Hancock Tower, where the view is equally breath-taking! From there above you can check on the Lake Michigan and easily see how american roads are made: all perfectly straight and infinitely long!

IMG_0430 IMG_0431


In the following days we went to the pier and took our shoes off to jump in the lake’s cold water…Yes, I must say I wasn’t aware, but…Chicago has a beautiful shore close to the skyscrapers, where you can sunbathe, have a beer on the beach with friends and even take a bath (if you’re brave because it’s supercold!).


IMG_00323 IMG_00331


IMG_00303 IMG_0232


















We then walked through the Chicago zoo and went back to get pizza for dinner… Yes, exactly… Chicago’s most typical food is PIZZA! It’s actually much different from the Italian one, it’s called “deep fried pizza”, and with a medium 9” you can easily have dinner in 2! We tried it at the famous Giordano’s and it was unespectedly delicious!

giordano-s-pizza-chicago OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA









The day after, we saw the amazing bean!!..










..and we went for shopping on the Magnificent Mile, where there’s all the major brand shops like Apple, Armani, Timberland, Ralph Lauren etc… We stopped for a while at the Nike Store, where they had all the Michael Jordan Air shoes Nike has ever made! I couldn’t miss the chance to take a picture with these, I simply love them!

IMG_00285 IMG_00283











Besides MJ, Chicago is also the “city of blues”, which is why we stopped and listened to some live music at the “House of Blues” with a fresh beer! Some bands were playing and the whole feeling and ambient was really inspiring!

IMG_00348 IMG_00349









Then, what am I forgetting?!… Ah, we got an A-W-E-S-O-M-E accommodation with Airbnb at the 56th floor of a skyscraper (check the view!) with free access to gym facilities, sauna and steam room, and a 360° view of Chicago at the top floor! On our last day we also got the opportunity to have a fantastic bbq with all of our friends there, an experience I will never forget!

Thanks to my love <3

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