My USA Adventure: New York city part 1

Hey upper east siders!
I know, I’m not gossip girl.. but I wish I was, the cutest but extremely mean voice ever, which reveals all the hidden secrets of the city that never sleeps!
Forget it. NYC is 100% what you see in the movies but totally different from what you expect.
First of all it smells sooo bad!!! And there’s rats everywhere, I could not believe it.
I must say I went in August and the weather was extremely hot, that might have helped but
the underground stations could have been easily compared to my grandma’s oven when she bakes her apple cake and worst thing ever.. inside the train was freezing cold, I don’t know how I managed not to get a cold!
Bad things apart, the city is truly amazing.
So where do we start?
Let’s start with the airport! Just to give you a quick idea of how NYC looks like, have a look at the skyline in this picture:
Can you see the skyscrapers on the background of the pic?? Imagine how tall they are when you get closer..breathtaking!
Me and my beardy boy arrived at JFK airport early in the morning, super tired after a night spent sleeping in the seats of the Chicago Airport, but NYC was too attractive to go to sleep and we started to visit with the suitcases still in our hands.
As you may have noticed I’m a big Gossip Girl fan, so which better place than “Grand Central Terminal” to begin with? Monumental.

S. I am indeed, but not that similar to Serena Van Der Woodsen I’m afraid, even if walking there makes you feel protagonist of your dreams!
We rented a flat in Brooklyn from airbnb, just close to where “lonely boy” used to live, and it was absolutely perfect! Wooden floor, stone brick walls and even a small fireplace!
Brooklyn is definitely the place to be!
We visited the Brooklyn museum, where you can find highly influential contemporary artist and designers. Look at these big Nike AirMax made as a boat, or the piano tree.. some types of arts just make me laugh.
We quickly walked through the “Brooklyn Botanic Gardens”, the green lung of brooklyn and an inspiring rendevouz of artists and poets.



And I couldn’t miss the chance to go for some deserved shopping in the emergin designer’s neighbourhood!
This is just the beginning dears.. there’s a lot more to say!!!