My holidays in italy, a suitcase Odyssey!

Spending Summer days in Italy is everybody’s dream, good weather, great beaches and obviously, lovely food. I am italian and although being aware of the infinite number of unrisolved issues my country is still facing, I truly believe it is the most beautiful place in the World to spend my summer holidays!

Moving from London is a bit of an Odyssey already, everything is increadibly far and flights to italy are very early in the morning.

Me and my beardy boy are flying to Rome on an easyjet plane, they change our flight and they lose my bag (regular!).

London is organised, they have created the problem and they solve it in a day, bag is in Rome the day after! Well, so does say the tracking website and a message on my phone but the suitcase disappears in Rome (The Fiumicino airport in Rome is very well known for having people stealing bags and that is obviously my case).

In the meantime, with an handbag of only bikinis, I buy some underwear and a tshirt and me and my beardy boy spend our days in Viterbo, visiting its beautiful treasures such as palazzo papale, villa lante and the monster’s park.

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The temperature is about 40 degrees and it feels like being on a tumble dryer every minute. It’s time for a swim and we head to the lovely Bolsena lake where we spend the all day and have an amazing aperitivo in a lovely jacuzzi facing the lake.

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IMG-20150718-WA0008 IMG-20150718-WA0012Day pass, we chill on the pool and have a great time with our friends and family but there’s no sign of my suitcase! We call, send tons of emails but nobody ever replies. Weird.

IMG-20150720-WA0001 IMG_20150721_101133 IMG_20150720_181611 IMG_20150720_131034 IMG_20150721_101250 We move on a train from Rome to Pesaro to go and visit my family on the east coast. Train is one our late, which is absolutely normal for the italian standards, we miss the coincidence and have to queue for hours before being able to get another train without having to pay a ticket.
Nobody refounds you, no body apologizes and people at the custumer service are arrogant and totally inappropriate for their job. Just another orrible experience.

Beside that, Pesaro is truly awesome! We spend days on the beach, parting with friends and we visit the amazing blue beaches of the Conero Riviera.IMG-20150728-WA0013

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My Bag is still missing but we are not giving up! it’s been 10 days!!
(Well, that was the end of my post when I first did it. Now it’s been 20 days and we finally managed to find my suitcase. That was only possible because we know a guy that knows a guy.. yes, this is Italy!)