Jamboree FoodFest and Bar!

With the arrival of the Christmas season me and my beardy boy have been invited to a number of tasting events in London. The atmosphere around the city is absolutely spectacular and tasting great food while having a beer, watching lights and decorations is every time more overwhelming!


A couple of days ago we had the pleasure to be invited at the opening of the Jamborre -Foodfest & Bar- in London, 46 Blackfriars road.

Jamborre -Foodfest & Bar is the ultimate destination for all burger lovers and I couldn’t wait to see the eyes of my beardy boy when revealing to him that we were going to taste the beauty of 5 different types of awesome burgers!

But before indulging in temptation he was forced to take some pics with me.. (you know my social addiction and I couldn’t resist to take a pic of this barbons against his own will)!

20151116_205016 20151116_204940

Our culinary journey stars with a taste of lovely falafel and fishcake appetisers, served around by an efficient and kind team of waitress and waiters!

Goan Fish Cakes

To kick off the night there’s a luscious line-up of global burgers. People at the event can share the love voting their favourite using a social hashtag on their pictures!

20151125_202630 Burger Raging Bull Quilmes Beer Burger Yucutan Modello Beer 20151116_193244 20151125_192738

All burgers have names inspired by their country of origin!

Jamboree’s 24-hour-rum-punch-marinated-in-a-hammock-takin’-it-easy Jamaican burger, otherwise known as ‘The Jerk’, is the king of the night although my favourite is ‘The Raging Bull’, made with 100% Argentinian beef!

The fun continues at the bar as burgers are paired with the perfect craft beer or signature cocktail. A rum-based ‘Matador’ cocktail is matched with the ‘Raging Bull’!

20151125_184241 20151125_184219 20151116_183907 Cocktail set
The party atmosphere of sunny climes and laid back vibes is great! Barmen are totally focused on their cocktails and there’s chilled live music in background!

20151125_202656 20151125_192153 20151125_183950
Looks like somebody had fun!! Well.. we all did!

20151125_192726 20151125_192754 20151125_200310

Jamboree offers top quality tucker at great prices, in a hip and colourful setting. Burgers start from £13.95, which are served as a complete dish with toppings and sides. Mains from the wider menu start at £9.95.

Go meet robust, exciting and moreish flavours from around the world, celebrating culture, diversity and global adventure in food and drink form!

Jamboree is now open at 46 Blackfriars Road

London, SE1 8NZ

To get in touch, call 0207 6332615 or visit www.jamboree.co.uk