T-shirts Mania!

I don’t not know about you, but I always do a huge effort to find cool and somewhat unusual t-shirts to wear every day! Do not get me wrong, there are many tees on the market but every time I do a tour in the more affordable shops (Zara, Pull & Bear, hm etc ..) they all seem the same to me!!
These days I gave myself a little ‘to do .. I found three very special websites that sell nice T-shirts and I thought I would reveal them to the blog:
No.1: Siamoises
An Italian brand of T-shirts and sweatshirts extremely innovative, vision of young designer Sarah Giunti. Siamoises blends reality and fantasy in a virtual experience. All T-shirts are made in Italy and are characterized by graphic signs that represent and reproduce the Twins who embody different personalities, all very special and colorful.
In addition, these t-shirts are part of a further creative project. In fact, with every purchase you can download the app Siamoises that allows you to play in the shape of the character and style that is depicted on your shirt! Amazing !!

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No.2: Mon Beau Tee Shirt imprime’, MBTSI.
Has it ever happened to you to see images or photographs details and would love to print them on a t-shirt? Some (more ‘or less famous) international photographers and painters, have decided to view and share the results of their work on t-shirts. Mon Beau Tee Shirt imprime’ produces t-shirt with original artwork and eclectic evolving. Each T-shirt is printed at high resolution in their studios located in the suburbs of Paris. You can select between the proposed images in their collection and the type of T-shirt cut.

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No. 3: S.L.C The Label
Through the often oversized choice of models, the selection of fabric and the general cut, S.L.C The Label seeks to create a look highly CCC: clean, cool and comfortable. All prints are derived from illustrations drawn freehand by Samantha Lentini, the creator of the brand and have been solved with the necessary technical changes.
Each design is strongly supported by three things: wearability, comfort and fit. S.L.C The Label operates under the strong belief that the style is and must remain easy. Written, graphic and fabrics really unbeatable! Judge for yourself!

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If you want to make a gift (or make yourself a present!) for this christmas the tees can be found here:
Mon Beau Tee Shirt imprime’
S.L.C The Label