Christmas at Kew <3

Christmas is already gone.. and with it the lights, the christmas trees, the decorations and the fantastic atmosphere that we feel in the air during the festive months! This year, for the first time, I celebrated Christmas in London with my lovely family. Cappelletti, torroni and panettone Filippi were readily imported from Italy and we treated ourselves with the amazing Italian drink “spritz” by Sprizzato, now available in England too!
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An unforgettable day made even more special by an unforgettable present to Mom and Dad, a visit to the lovely Kew Gardens.

The Kew Gardens are botanical gardens in the north of London that every year, at Christmas time, dress up with Christmas decorations and lights, giving a fantastically surreal atmosphere!

Unfortunately, we will have to wait another 350 days to visit them but in the meantime I wanted to show them on the blog (with mum, dad and my beardy boy in some pics!) ‘Cause It’s really unmissable!

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20151227_200115_HDR 20151227_200032 20151227_195941_HDR 20151227_195829_HDR

Well, Christmas will be ‘even gone but I the lights here in London must still be dismantle! You know what, I will keep them until the end of January .. to cheer me up while I work on my PhD thesis !!!

Kiss kiss!