A day with.. Piero Guidi!

It doesn’t happen everyday, to find yourself face to face with one of the phenomena of our time and, when one year ago I started this blog, I never thought I could have the fortune to even shake his hand and sit together on a round table to discuss a project dear to both.

Call it passion, tenacity, dedication or guideline, a message on a social network sometimes is the start of a great project. And so just by that message, an appointment to visit the Piero Guidi SPA, a meeting with Piero and all its very kind employees and an unforgettable tour of its historical museum, which tells the evolution of a family-led company, dream of a great artist.


In the middle of the famous italian Montefeltro hills, almost suspended in time between the verses of Dante, it is the Piero Guidi S.P.A. Already from the outside we see the constant theme of the wings. An imposing statue of two angels, now symbol of the brand, stands in the entrance and it is the work of Piero Guidi himself.

Azienda Piero Guidi Esterno 4(1)


A complete artist Piero, sculptor, master in metal processing when, at the beginning of his career he was devoted to the creation of belt buckles, and designer with a strong personality.

“Sorry about the mess,” he says as we enter into his office, but I am already flying with my mind as I observe the objects in his studio full of ideas.


Just a quick photo with Piero and we start to discover their reality. Warehouse, production, creativity office, prints, leathers, fabrics and people. Everything has its own special charm, the paper models thrown on the desks next to the bags that take shape, colored rollers, molds to the buckles, the attentive faces of the staff and the happy smiles of those who do a job that satisfies them.

20160311_152036 (1)20160311_15194520160311_151338

We sit at the creativity table where I re-encounter Piero before visiting the shop and the small museum with vintage handbags and old advertising campaigns. Time expands in my head as I ask myself a thousand questions that do not come out of my mouth.

“You built an empire,” I say. He smiles. Then we talk long about the project for which I came, a modern interpretation of a Piero Guidi bag created in the eighties, the SBAG. The new SBAG model, inspired by Piero Guidi, with London interchangeable flap is the project to which I had the pleasure to participate and will be available soon on my blog! A dream that comes true!

20160311_152838 (1)

“What do you recommend to young people today?” I ask.

“To follow the guideline, to have dreams, projects and try to imagine them, real, in front of their eyes. Not to get lost, not to beat around the bush, not to ask too many questions. In short, there’s no point in finding thousand excuses, just continue straight towards the goal. Without a bit ‘of unconsciousness you won’t reach anything. ”

Hard work, solid objectives. A straight line is a dream that slowly realizes.

Elementary watson! I’m ready. Hooray!