The Photography Show- Birmingham (19-22 March 2016)

March is finally here (we are already feeling blessed for the great sunny days here in London) and with it, there’s a big event coming up: The Photography show!

The event is dedicated to everything photography, from inspiring enthusiasts, to providing professional photographers with access to exclusive networking and giving leading photography brands the opportunity to show the audience new exciting technologies and accessories they have to offer.

This year, the amazing fashion photographer Lara Jade is going to join the crew from NYC! Lara was winner of the Public Choice Award at the 2009 AOP Open Awards and has appeared as guest photographer on both Poland’s Next Top Model and DigitalRev TV.

The Photography Show 2015 - Day 3
The Photography Show 2015 – Day 3

Here’s a quick Q&A with her:

What would you place in your photography room 101?

Heavy bags filled with photography gear. Although I’ve learned to travel with only the essentials, traveling alone and lugging a heavy suitcase on flights is a big pet peeve of mine.


How did you make the leap to photography fame? / Which of your projects put you in the picture?

I grew up with the rise of social media and quickly saw how it could be useful as a marketing tool. I’ve been using social media since I was 14 as a source of inspiration and feedback. As a young artist I was able to reach an international audience easily (this helped facilitate my decision to move to NY and then working between two countries). Social media was the place it all started for me – starting as a fine art photographer then gradually moving into fashion photography. I believe my first projects to be noticed were editorials for the Observer, Harrods and Tatler Hong Kong.


What’s your dream-come-true project?

Am I allowed two? An on-location week-long fashion campaign in California featuring motels, retro cars and 70’s clothing and/or a paradise beach shoot featuring bohemian clothing and a top model.


Who’s your inspiration?

I take inspiration from many places – movies, music, travel and culture, models with unique looks, and style – to name a few. I am just as interested in the style aspect of fashion photography as I am the technical side.. and often more excited about the clothes! If I had to name a photographer it would be Steven Meisel. His work is untouched in the industry – even though he shoots many different styles, he has his own distinct style which makes his work instantly recognizable. I also love the work of Ellen Von Unwerth, Tim Walker and Camilla Akrans.


With an infinite line up of talented speakers and exhibitors, The Photography show is going to be an unmissable event for everyone passionate about photography!!

Get yourself ready, The Photography show is going to take place in Birmingham between the 19th and the 22nd of March and I will be there too!