Little Italian treasures: Bomarzo monster’s park!

This month, while working at the corrections of our doctoral thesis, me and my beardy boy took refuge in Viterbo.

As a Viterbese “Doc”, the beardy boy (with no beard – he shaved to remake his passport!!) is bringing me around his region to discover the beauty of his land. These days have been truly remarkable, I felt in love with the amazing hazelnut cream, the sooo good tozzetti biscuits, the view of the mountains in the distance, with those black clouds that sometimes hide the tips up to make them look suspended, the cute kittens in Bagnoregio and the warmth of my lovely Italian country.

Today in particular, I’m going to tell you about a special trip we made last saturday in Bomarzo, an ancient park full of hidden history between the green mountains of Viterbo.


The Bomarzo Park, home of really striking sculptural monsters is, today, one of the most fascinating attractions of the Lazio region.

The park was commissioned by Prince Pier Francesco Orsini called “Vicino” and designed by the architect Pirro Ligorio, one of the greatest italian architects of the second half of 1500.

Vicino retired to Bomarzo with his wife Giulia Farnese. Julia died in 1560 and  “only to ease the heart” broken by the death of his wife, he spent the next 25 years studying the classics as font of inspiration in the creation of “his” park, which was to become a unique work in the world .

The sculptures were carved out of lava stone blocks that are found everywhere in the valley. By gigantic boulders come alive giant animals, Homeric heroes, sirens and Roman goddesses.



The visit to the park takes place in 38 stages that narrate the monsters of Bomarzo: from the famous Orco that with its giant mouth scares the brave visitors entering his mouth, leaning through the pendent house and the square of pine cones, decorated with two majestic bears , up to the temple, built about 20 years later to honor the memory of Vicino’s second wife.





And if you like … the famous Orco of Bomarzo will read your hand!


The Bomarzo park seems almost suspended in time. An unforgettable journey through nature and mythology not to be missed !!