Sqetch connects brands and manufacturers with one click!

Do you own a fashion label and you are looking for manufacturers?

The Sqetch platform is just perfect for you!

A few weeks ago I had a chat with Francesca , online marketer for Sqetch, and she explained me the details of this simple and revolutionary start-up!

When Poelmann Wiebe, co-founder of the company, took his first steps in the fashion industry he immediately noticed the difficulties of designers and brands to find suitable suppliers in a fast and efficient manner! No immediate solution was available to fill that need and that is why he came out with his new revolutionary idea. Sqetch was born.

The objective of the Platform is to revolutionize the way fashion brands and manufacturers connect, by providing a place to easily search and contact the most suitable manufacturers for your needs. Sqetch integrates essential information through an Airbnb-like format, enabling users to uncover the most important decision criteria on any manufacturer.

The company is now accessible for everyone in search for a clothing manufacturer in Europe!


What specifically does Sqetch provide?

It provides the necessary tools for simple and fast connection with filling stations across Europe and beyond.

How Sqetch aims to help new brands?

  • Find a manufacturer 10x faster

Search manufacturer profiles based on criteria you find important.

  • Better compare manufacturers

Choose wisely based on in-depth manufacturer profiles.

  • Direct communication

Message manufacturers that fit your needs.

  • Project management

Manage your manufacturing process using our project management software.

  • Accreditations and reviews

Credentials of all our manufacturers are checked and reviewed by previous brands.


To know more:

Media: press@sqetch.co

Info: info@sqetch.co

Visit the Sqetch Blog!