S. Arigatò Japan: Lake Ashi and Hakone!

To continue our amazing Japan trip today I will tell you about the journey we took from Tokyo to the South- West between Lake Ashi and Hakone!

The Lake Ashi area is very well known, especially for its beautiful view over Mount Fuji, while the small town of Hakone is famous for its thermal baths, the so called “Onsen”.

Me and my beardy boy visited the area during the day, to refresh our batteries we enjoyed a hot bath in the magnificent hakone yuryo in the evening and we started again the next morning! Ideally it would take a couple of days to visit at best the 5 Lakes area surrounding Mount Fuji, but given the period and the clouds, which unfortunately did not allow to see the mountain, we opted for a single night at Hakone.

DSC_0183Lake Ashi is a truly wonderful natural oasis. From the small port on the lake, boat tours depart every hour at the price of 18 € for the Galleon or 15 € for the classic boat.


The park bordering the lake is full of wonderful views. From here you can photograph the Mount Fuji, the natural surroundings, the beautiful torii and colorful lanterns that line up along the shore of the lake and the majestic floating torii. Even if you do not love photography the walk is really refreshing!

IMG_0270DSC_0262DSC_0270Late in the afternoon move to Hakone and head towards the spa complex hakone yuryo where you will find the beauty of 19 private onsen (divided into 3 types by size and price range) and 2 public onsen (one male only and one female only). The termal area is one of the most evocative of the city and I assure you that it will be an unforgettable mystical experience!

DSC_029120160627_18030720160627_18121120160627_182053For dinner, I recommend one of the many family-run cafes in the main street (there is only 1 street, so you can not go wrong!). Me and beardy boy opted for a set menu with fried chicken and Japanese vegetables, served by a couple of really wonderful local elderly gentlemen who kept the kitchen open until 21.00 only for us 🙂 !


Be careful, all the restaurants close around 8 pm, leave in time otherwise the only option will be dinner at the local supermarket!!