The new awesome “To Do” trolley by Ciak Roncato!

For me traveling is like breathing, a moment of growth, personal enrichment and discovery of places, culture and especially of people! Every place I visit becomes a small fragment of my life, a piece that fits perfectly into the puzzle of events and produces a never lasting impression.

Since I started my blog two years ago I never stopped writing, doodling, drawing and coloring my  agenda of small memories, sometimes trivial but always significant, of each of my trips!

Ciak Roncato, has revolutionised my way of travelling and now, instead of coloring my notebook with lovely memories, I colour my new “To Do” suitcase, gradually filling those spaces in the world that become part of my memories!

The new “To Do” luggage line by Ciak Roncato has really given a twist to my world. With 3 markers in red, yellow and blue that you will find inside the trolley, you can give vent to your imagination by coloring the states you have visited or those who would like to visit.

This way the suitcase itself becomes a unique personal item with a special meaning!




The new customizable trolley “To Do” by Ciak Roncato made me fall in love and I look forward to painting some new pieces of my suitcase, or rather of my existence!



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