My winter slippers by Morlands Glastonbury!

Sometimes I like the cold weather .. I’d say it’s kind of an hate and love feeling. I hate the cold wind that ruffles my hair and makes my nose burn and that freezing cold sensation in my hands and feet. But I truly love those winter days when the snow falls down on mountains and valleys while I’m there, slowly drinking my hot chocolate with slippers on my feet surrounded by my grandma’s wooden blanket.


Like everyone else, every year I repeat my ritual winter inauguration: I change my cabinets, put my wool duvet on the bed, a nice wooden blanket on the sofa to warm up my frozen feet and the always wonderful new slippers, selected between thousands of models among the best shops in the city.

This year – like it or not- I have to force myself enjoying the cold! In a few months in fact my beardy boy and I will leave to Chicago, so I decided to fight the scary Illinois’ winter with the best slippers on the market, my brand new “LEA” slippers by Morlands Glastonbury.

Morlands Glastonbury is a British brand with a centennial history. With great care and attention to details, the Morlands Glastonbury craftsmen produce internationally acclaimed products since 1825 using sheepskins, exceptionally soft and fine, in order to ensure a luxurious experience while maintaining the unique properties of wool that allow extreme comfort and transpiration.

For my winter in Chicago I chose the classic unisex “LEA“, available in four different colors:   Chestnut, Mocca, Navy and Damson.



I tried to force myself not to open before landing in the States, but let’s be honest, I could not resist!! Besides, here in Pesaro it’s already cold!!
If you want go take a look to the other lovely models on Morlands Glastonbury website!
I leave you to your hot chocolates loves <3 !!