Stylish Ways to Wear Your Blazer This Winter

Everyone knows that there are certain wardrobe essentials that every woman should have before they hit 30. These must-haves consist of items like a trusty pair of blue jeans, a crisp white shirt, and an edgy leather jacket. Included in this list from Elle Magazine is the perfect blazer, immaculately tailored to fit your proportions and flatter your figure. An important piece for office environments and any work-related endeavours, it will be pretty difficult to survive without a blazer in a professional setting.


But with the design of the blazer, some people find it hard to picture wearing the workwear staple outside of the office. What those people don’t realise is that your blazer is one of the best ways to refine your everyday uniform and should be considered a key piece of outerwear for the season.

Some styles are easier to wear than others. For example, one showcased in the Hugo collection on Lyst is cinched at the waist with a belt to mimic the construction of a trench coat. While others may be more comfortable to wear on a daily basis, compared to the traditional looking blazer. However, the outfit ideas below demonstrate that there’s nothing to fear when it comes to your office blazer.

Here’s how you can style your blazer this season:

Break up an all-white outfit

The white trainer fad has popularised the once despised white-out ensembles. An all-white outfit is a great way to introduce a pop of colour into the mix, such as a coloured blazer as it shows a nice contrast between the hues. The bolder the colour, the better. You can also try this out with an all-black outfit.

White outfit –


Drape it over your shoulders

Although this jacket non-wearing method has been sniggered upon by the media, it’s pretty clear that high fashion designers, models and celebrities are in love with this trend, as revealed by Pop Sugar. The blazer is ultra chic when worn like a cape, so forget what the critics say and don’t be afraid to experiment with this shoulder-draping jacket look.

Shoulders –


Channel a ‘70s look

It’s rare for anyone to get away with a blazer that doesn’t fit to their exact measurements, but if you’ve got high-rise and a wide-brimmed hat, you can make your outerwear look like a dinner jacket from the ‘70s. This works best with an oversized blazer in tan or beige.

’70s –


How do you like to wear your blazer?