With Esprit it’s coat hunting time!

How about a nice coat?

With winter approaching and that cold breeze inside my bones today I feel like doing a bit of healthy pre-Christmas shopping and what’s better than an awesome brand new coat?!! When it was fist born, in mid-nineteenth century, the coat was created to protect the English soldiers from the rigid winter. At the beginning its lines were straight and simple, but since then its style has been revised several times and nowadays we can find it in many different types.

Long, three-quarter length, double-breasted, high-necked, with belt, the coat is a classic piece that I really like, it brings elegance and when I wear it I always feel at my best!

As usual I had a look on the web in search of this season must-have coats and I think the ESPRIT brand offers a great selection! For this reason I have prepared for you my selection of ESPRIT coats on the blog:

Three-quarters with stripes, ideal for everyday


Short and monochrome for the sporty type


In wool with stitching, perfect for a casual and dynamic look


Long with embroidered collar, perfect for a classic formal look


Long midnight blue with buttons bomber style, for a youthful and casual look


Where to buy:

Website: www.espritshop.it