The amazing Classic Petite Watch by Daniel Wellington! (15% discount with code “WINGS15”)

I had already told you in a previous post, about my infinite passion for watches with strap mesh in stainless steel and I have to be honest .. I have been waiting for a long time for the new classic petite by Daniel Wellington to come out!

To be honest, I didn’t even know what to expect .. the strap mesh in stainless steek can be a double-edged sword! While fine and elegant, it can often be too thick and heavy on a woman’s wrist.

As always, the master craftsmen at Daniel Wellington have fully met my expectations by creating a watch at the same time elegant and delicate!

The classic petite watch by Daniel Wellington has slipped fast at the top of favorite watches list for three very specific reasons:

  1. It’s very light! As I said, this kind of watches are often very heavy and sometimes they can be difficult to wear on your wrist all day. The new Classic Petite by DW is ultra light, so light that having worn it every day this week from time to time I was checking it was still on my wrist!
  2. It has the perfect size! No way, I love 32 mm. Do not fool ourselves guys, the female wrist is certainly not suitable to wear watches of weights and men’s sizes!
  3. The color is super! True, they have made four different kinds, 2 with silver strap and 2 with melrose strap, but my favorite is certainly the Classic Petite Melrose with black dial! I love the contrast between the veiled glint of the strap and the aggressiveness of the black dial. I really like it!
Classic Petite Melrose with stainless steel strap <3
My sea <3
Giubbotto by Zaful <3
My sea <3
Orologio DW
Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Melrose watch!

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A wonderful opportunity !!!

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Watch: DW (15% discount with code “WINGS15”)

Jacket: Zaful

Backpack: Zara

Jeans: Cheap Monday