An amazing sea just behind the corner: luxury Malta! (part 2.. the trip!)

Yes, yes, yes and yes again! Either you decide to go there for a day, a week or a lifetime .. Malta just cannot be missed !! You probably know, I was born on the seaside and I’m the sea and joy type of girl !!! … I cannot even imagine how life could be away from my sea.

In the previous post, I gave you some useful tips for your stay in Malta! Today I’m gonna start with story of the wonderful trip I made with my beardy boy in late September!

Azure Window
The amazing “Azure Window”, Malta.

Day 1:

Malta is easily accessible with any scheduled flight from one of the main Italian/english airports (I was just having a look for you on skyscanner and booking this week, all flights in June cost less than 50£ return)! Me and my beardy boy took a flight departing from Rome Fiumicino Airport in the early afternoon and direct to Luqa Airport, Malta. After a journey of about two hours we landed in the  most beautiful island of the Mediterranean! We decided to rent a car with Budget company (affiliated with Ryanair) directly at the airport (it’s probably the best choice- overall price of around 150 € including insurance)! The first afternoon we spent in Malta we decided to relax at the amazing Intercontinental Malta Hotel (of which I already spoke here) between a walk in the beautiful private beach, a dip in the pool and a sweet aperitif on the terrace at sunset!

Intercontinental Malta
Our stay at the “Intercontinental Malta” hotel

For dinner we chose “The Avenue” restourant, just behind the hotel, in St Julians’ area. A local very nice, clean and very colorful place! Here you will find a varied menu and you can choose from pasta, salads, fish or burgers! The staff is very polite and accommodating. “The Avenue” is also one of the cheapest restaurants in the area so definitely recommended!

Day 2:
Early breakfast and ready to explore the splendid island of Comino! You should know that Malta is a small archipelago of islands different in size and characteristics! The largest is the main island, Malta precisely, followed by the beautiful island of Gozo, the blue eye Comino, the little Cominotto and the smaller rocks of St. Paul’s and Filfla. The island of Comino is perhaps one of the most characteristics islands of the maltese archipelago, characterized by its rugged coastline of white limestone and famous for the beautiful blue lagoon!

Blue Lagoon, Comino Malta
The gorgeous island of Comino and its blue lagoon!


Several ferries and family boats will take you for an all day trip to the island of Comino! Among the many options available me and my beardy boy chose the fabulous family team of Hornblower Cruises offering different kinds of excursions at affordable prices (for the whole day in Comino we spent € 25 each)! We started from the port of Bugibba, less than 15 minutes away from hotel (white parking are all free along the road that goes to the dock where all ferries depart!) and we traveled the coast of Malta, with various explanatory stages of all the beauty of the island, music, dance and lots of laughter, until reaching Comino in 1 hour and 30 minutes!

Hornblower Cruises
Our trip to Comino with Hornblower Cruises!
Me, myself and I in Comino <3
Beardy boy and I
Beardy boy is so cute!
Blue Lagoon
Me overlooking the Blue Lagoon!
Blue Lagoon
That is why the Blue Lagoon is called blue!



Luckily, the island of Comino is still very wild! Forget to find luxury restaurants for lunch! Along the unique rocky path that takes you around the island there are stands selling sandwiches, salads and  alcoholic granite!

Small curiosity: the most important building in Comino is the St. Mary’s tower, a massive square based tower with three corner towers and thick walls. It was built by the order of the Knights of Malta as a control of the Maltese coast and was the striking prison of Edmond Dantès in “The Count of Monte Cristo” film directed by Kevin Reynolds in 2002! Do you remember it?

The excursion to Comino lasts all day, you can immerse yourself in the numerous caves and inspect the amazing flora and fauna of the island! Don’t forget your mask, fins and sunscreen !! I always bake my hands and burn my back! You will be back in the late afternoon.

For dinner, around the Intercontinental Malta in St. Julian’s area, we opted for the small restaurant Club Sushi (fairly cheap and very good!). The restaurant has a few tables and for this reason customer care is at the highest level. As in many Japanese restaurants, the counter on the main room allows you to admire the skills of the chef in the preparation of any dish. The small outdoor area is very suitable for the sultry summer evenings. Excellent value for money!

Day 3:

Day 3 of our trip was entirely dedicated to visiting the south of Malta. In the south east side of the island you will find Marsaxlokk, a charming village of Maltese fishermen overlooking the sea, adorned with wonderful colorful boats!

These wooden boats with eyes, that protect against misfortune, distinguish the small town of Marsaxlokk and are called “Luzzu”. The eyes drawn on the bow, one on each side, are the result of an ancient tradition. It is known, in fact, these decorations appeared in the Greek and Phoenician ships and seems to refer to the eyes of Osiris and Horus! The “Luzzu” are built by hand, moored in Marsaxlokk Bay and have become one of the symbols of Malta! The red, yellow, blue and green colors, characteristic of these boats make this landscape unique and magical (perfect for your reflex)!

Marsaxlokk boats and the market
Sara in Marsaxlokk <3


The entire Marsaxlokk area with the city market, the church of Our Lady of Pompei, impressive with its red dome overlooking the sea and the main square adorned with small colorful houses (to recall the colors of the boats) is very impressive. A feast of colors and contrasts. The seaside restaurants have lots of offers for freshly caught seafood and me and my beardy boy just couldn’t resist!!

A typical restourant in Marsaxlokk!
A typical restourant in Marsaxlokk!
Coloured houses!

Some people say that having a bath after lunch is no good, especially after a meal like the one you will have in the fishermen’s village! But a little further south, a 15 min drive from Marsaxlokk, you will find one of the most beautiful natural pools of the island, the stunning St. Peter’s Pool, reached by a narrow road (be careful because it looks one way but it is a two-way and full of holes) and really not to miss!

The natural pool is accessible by a small walking path! Fins and mask are a must, the creeks, the countless colorful fish are too beautiful not to see !!

On the way back north you can visit on foot the beautiful “Three Cities”: Cospicua, Vittoriosa and Senglea greeting the capital Valletta on the opposite side of its port! The three fortified towns are the first area of the island inhabited by the Knights. The walking path with thousand boats and historic landscapes is very impressive! With a little luck you will see some mega cruise ships channeled into the small marina (we saw a Costa cruise .. I thought it was going to crash into some church)! To make your walk easier there are also boats that connect the two strips of land divided by the sea!


For dinner, we opted for Hugo’s Burger, just below the hotel Intercontinental Malta, in St Julians’  area. An American-style restaurant with really delicious gourmet burgers!

In the next post I’ll talk about many other beautiful destinations in Malta!

See you soon!!!




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