An amazing sea just behind the corner: luxury Malta! (part 3.. Gozo and the north!)

As promised, here’s the last part of the story about our trip on the beautiful island of Malta (and while I’m writing I’m looking for flights, it’s the urge to return!!).

For the second part of our trip, me and my beardy boy decided to move to the north of the island and stay at the wonderful Ramla Bay Resort, which I had already mentioned in the previous post here.

Day 4:
We move to the north west of the island, direction Bugibba. We spend the day in a splendid place, the unforgettable Golden Bay, a sandy gold-red beach adorned by crystal clear sea. Just for the unusual and evocative color, Golden Bay is considered one of Malta’s most beautiful beaches. Furthermore, it is well equipped with services, bar and restaurant.

With a short and easy excursion you can reach the top of the promontory that fits the beach. The view from the top of the sandy hills is very special and allows you to admire the bay adjacent to Golden Bay, reachable by sea or (for the bravest) gliding your bump on the slopes of the sandy promontory!

I recommend you to spend the whole day in the beautiful Golden Bay! The numerous rocky coves are populated by an infinity of colorful fishes and for snorkeling lovers this is truly a paradise!

If the idea of spending the whole day on the beach is not yours, just 15 minutes away you will find the characteristic Popeye Village, a group of rustic and grungy wooden buildings (beautiful to be photographed!) located in Anchor Bay! Popeye Village was built as a movie set for the film Popeye. Today the village is open to the public as a family entertainment complex. (The ticket costs just over 10 € but I recommend going early, the complex closes at 5.30 pm and me and my beardy boy didn’t make it on time!).


Giorno 5:

We head to the unmissable island of Gozo! With the Cirkewwa-Mgarr Gozo ferry you can reach it in a blink of an eye (and- if you rented a car- you can embark it safely on the ferry and use it for your tours on the island!). The ferry takes about 20 mins to get to Gozo, loading and unloading are really fast and you pay when you get back!

You must know that the Calipse Islands – the island of the archipelago of Malta- are named after Calipso, the nymph daughter of Atlantis who, in the Odissea, kept Ulysses prisoner here for seven years. In Homer’s story, the island hosting the hero is called Ogigia, and presumably it is the small island of Gozo in the real geography, namely the second island of the Maltese archipelago on which, in fact, you can visit the cave of Calipso, in the beautiful Ramla bay!

To put it all, unfortunately, we were quite unlucky with weather and we got a wet Gozo (if it rains I assure you that driving is really difficult because there are no drains on the sides of the road!). Apart from our little misfortunes, the rain certainly did not frighten us! To begin, following the directions for San Lawrenz, we headed west to visit the wonderful Azure Window (selfie, photos and we would have even had a bath if it was not for the showers!).

Until a few months ago, the Azure Window was an enchanted place, very beautiful just as it conveyed the idea of the power of nature (thanks to the wind the rocks on which you are walking are all drunk groove style ☺). Unfortunately, because of natural causes, this symbol of Malta has fallen, but I still recommend going there as there are beautiful natural pools just in front!
To continue our island tour we head towards the capital of Gozo: Victoria. Rich in history, art and culture, Victoria is dominated by “Citadel”, a wonderful fortified town that looks across the island and resembles a medieval castle.


Having to choose a single bay for the very limited time we could spend in Gozo, me and my beardy boy went to see Hondoq bay. Unfortunately, with the strength of the storm, the bay was swallowed by the sea. Judging by the color of the water it must be very beautiful (but I cannot be sure!).

In Gozo we stayed at the Quaint boutique hotel-Nadur I had already talked about here! If you decide to stay in the Nadur area, when you head back go to the Gebuba Wine Bar (right in front of the church) for a low-cost cocktail and some good music (Malta is all very cheap!).

For dinner, also in the Nadur area, I recommend the famous “The Fat Rabbit”, which cooks the distinctive Maltese rabbit at a fairly cheap price for the giant portions it serves!


Day 6:
On the last day of our vacation we came back to Malta for a relaxing day in Paradise “Bay”, the most beautiful beach on the northwestern end of the island. Paradise Bay is 1km away from the port where ferries go to Gozo and it is really beautiful. Apart from the top facilities (bar / restaurant / showers / beach / beach deck / beach umbrellas), the bay is surrounded by gorgeous cliffs and most of all there is a pink beach !!!

Stop on the way back to admire the beautiful landscape (along the road there is a viewing point on the left with a rest area, you’ll notice it right away). By the way, if you do not want to risk it with the car (or you’re afraid to drive on the left side), this is one of the many bays accessible by public transport!

Guys, Malta stole my heart <3 If you are looking for balance, this is the right place.

I thank my wonderful maltese friend Elaine for advices on the trip and my beardy boy for making it special!