The story of my “Alice in Wonderland” bracelet!

My “Alice in Wonderland” VHS is gone.

Literally consumed.

When I was eight years old I spent whole days watching and watching that beautiful Disney VHS, with a pretty, blonde haired Alice, who unexpectedly made her way into a funny and disturbing but always fascinating world.

With time passing I found out that his fabulous creator, Lewis Carroll, was a British mathematician just like me and that Disney’s blonde and tidy Alice did not mirror Carroll’s young, black haired and messed Alice.

To put it all true, Alice looks like me a lot, but in my story, AIice is not myself. I’ve been Alice for a few moments, some years ago, when the magical world of wonders of my childhood turned out to be a difficult place to face without awareness.

Alice has marked my childhood, accompanied me on the journey of maturity and still lives in my life with her characters, every day. For this reason, I’ve been looking for a long time for a symbol that represented my deep connection with her.

In my endless evening trips in the wonders of Instagram I found the Atelier Princesse Ficelle and its creator and wonderful jeweller Benjamin Perche, to whom I assigned the task of surprising me with a bracelet that represents my love for Alice!

With his extravaganza and his mastery, Benjamin has managed to create my very own Alice in Wonderland bracelet!

Alice in Wonderland bracelet!
Alice in Wonderland bracelet!

And I wear it everyday, to remember the unforgettable.

“I found myself in Wonderland <3”

If you want to know more about the brand or commission a job to Benjamin Perche, you can find all the details here: Atelier Princesse Ficelle!

Kiss Kiss,