Sevilla: a dip in the beauty of Andalusia!

Goodmorning everyone!! <3

As I already mentioned in my Instagram stories here’s the route I will follow these days in Seville !! A guest post on the blog created for me and you by the beautiful Maria Sole <3



I remember as if it was yesterday when I booked my flight to Seville. I had this desire to run away and make a trip alone, with just a backpack in my shoulders and the urge to discover in my eyes. As many of my friends had said, sooner or later it would have touched me, and so it was. After the usual misunderstandings with my parents and university stress, I needed to change air and dive headlong into a city that was different from my Sicily.

The low-cost skyscanner flight found on Skyscanner has definitely changed my life: I never thought that a city could conquer me, make me fall in love and give me the joy of living. That’s why I chose to tell you about my wonderful trip to Seville on Sara’s blog.

– Where to stay

After booking the flight, one of my biggest fears was the accommodation. I had never been to the hotel or b&b alone, so I went looking for a hotel close to the center of Seville and in a quiet neighborhood between Antiguo, il Barrio Santa Cruz, El Centro ed El Arenal.

– How to move in the city

Speaking to some friends who had already visited Seville, I found that this is a city to visit on foot: Between original architectures and stunning scenery, a ride in a car or motorcycle would ruin much of the exploration. For this reason, I decided to venture on foot in the direction of the city center, to explore every single detail.

– The Most Important Attractions to Visit

My first stop was the Giraldathe ancient minaret dating back to the 12th century, used as a bell tower since 1402. The name of this place is really special: I thought it was an Arab derivation, but when I came to the place a lady who noticed me while admiring the monument was so kind to explain that the name refers to a a structure located inside the bell tower and rotating to the right or to the left, depending on the wind. While it is true that the Giralda is a spectacle already seen from outside, it is also true that few things can compete with the wonder you can admire once you enter the bell tower. From the highest point of the Giralda, in fact, you will be able to watch the whole city and let yourself be conquered by a landscape halfway between the traditional and the contemporary.


After such a spectacular start, I feared that nothing would have made me astonish more. Obviously, I was wrong. My next stop was the Alcazar, residence of kings and caliphs in Seville and still used by the imperial family during the summer or during city visits. As suggested by the name, the Alcazar was a residence of Arab origin, built in the 10th century and then chosen by Ferdinand III as a residence, after the conquest of Spain by the Catholic King. Making the Alcazar unique is definitely its mix of different styles: Arab art union, spacious spaces and well-kept gardens make this the perfect place for those who want to breathe a bit of Seville’s spirituality.


Next step could not be anything else except the amazing Museo de BellasArtes. I have always loved art and I could not miss the third most important museum in Spain, after the Prado Museum and the Andalusian Center of Contemporary Art. A tip: in addition to the collections of paintings and sculptures, take a walk in the library: more than 100,000 art history books are waiting to be consulted and can be read free of charge by all visitors.

About walking tours: do not miss the chance to admire the Gold Tower. Not everyone knows the origins of this place. It is the only remaining part of a defensive wall built in 1222 and is a clear testimony of almohades art. The name, due to the color that the tower hadat the time of its construction, does not make justice to the beauty of the structure as a whole. The twelve sides that make up the tower and make it a perfect place to watch against the attacks of foreigners have given it an original shape, so that the current naval museum located on the first floor seems to have spontaneously begun without the need to a real builder.

– Where to have some Local Dishes


Before I went home I wanted to taste something typical. I stopped at the Levies Café, a small meeting place where I was told they make the best tapas in Seville (at affordable prices and without sacrificing the taste). I ordered a plate called solomillo a pimienta, an abundant pork dish with pepper sauce and a baked potato dish. This is a tasty dish, ideal after a long walk. I recommend it to those who want to taste traditional tastes.


I just came back from Seville but I know that those colors, scents and cheerfulness of that land will always stay in my heart!