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Live Colourful Live!

Last week me and my beardy boy had the pleasure to be invited at one of the little gigs organised by Bulmers ciders in London. On one stage three artists, three totally different kinds of music and not surprisingly three words to describe the concert: Live Colorful Live. The title of the event, in particular, grabbed my attention on the… Read more →

London Cocktail Week

It’s London Cocktail Week and I book myself and my beardy boy in for a Sunday afternoon diving in whiskeys, cocktails and awesome food! The venue is London’s bar and restaurant Mussel Men. A cozy, familiar place in Dalston always hides increadible surprises! It’s rule n. 1, I should have known it. We get in quite early and I’ve got some time to… Read more →

An “outsider” at #LFW (part 3)

So I rush to the vinyl factory to reach the ON/OFF, pumping heart of the new designers London fashion week! ON/OFF offers a great possibility to the emerging fashion designer: to have their very own runway at London Fashion Week! Check this video and see what I’m talking about: The building is great: Brick walls – east London style-, adorned with… Read more →

An “outsider” at #LFW (part 2)

Before moving to the emerging designer venue at the ON/OFFs I walk around the showrooms to enjoy the atmosphere and have a taste of the new trends! Maybelline New York has its increadible stage at level 2 of the fashionable car park, where everybody can get a new haircut or a simple refresh of their make up.. All designers at… Read more →

An “outsider” at London Fashion Week <3

My beardy boy has always believed in me, much more than I actually do. He wakes up and starts.. you know what? You should go to #LWF!! And I’m like, no way!! I’m just a mathematician with a passion for fashion, nobody will want me at their runway. “Well, If you never try you never know” he says. “Let’s bet”. So I… Read more →

Omnivore Masterclasses and party by Badoit

London’s vibrant food lovers community Omnivore has done its first appearance in east London this weekend with a great line up of events at the Old Truman Brewery in Brick Lane. Thanks to my lovely food blogger friend Ilaria, I had the opportunity to participate at the event with my beardy love <3 Since its inception in September 2003, Omnivore was… Read more →

When London means Fashion for everybody!

It is a simple Thursday afternoon when I escape early from work to catch up with my food blogger friend Ilaria, visiting from France.  London is the typical crazy city I see everyday with people rushing nowhere, sweating in an unusual hot weather for being early June. East London is definitely my favourite and I have in mind two or three nice places we… Read more →

Masquerade 2K

Well well well, it’s sunny outside (finally!!) and this warm weather keeps bringing to my mind one of the best periods in London: summer. BBQ in the parks, morning swims in the serpentine and obviously, the Notting Hill Carnival! Wowwww.                           Speaking of the Devil, me and my… Read more →


Hello babes! Let’s run a little test first.. Do you know what you have in your wardrobe? Do you use all the clothes you have for your daily outfits? I bet you don’t!!!! So I figured I could talk a bit about the clothes swapping “Clotho” website and show you some pictures of the event I went last weekend with… Read more →