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Matching AW 16/17 trends with the lovely Elie Beaumont watches!

There is no need to say, we love to be perfect. Fashionable haircut, perfect rich and bright colour, high heels and that dress that “I couldn’t resist, I had to buy it!”. Even those who do not follow the latest trends in fashion, always try to match the right accessories to their outfit! This is why I decided to give… Read more →

A postcard from Japan with Apricot Clothing!

I’m back!! My trip to Japan has left indelible and unique memories I ‘m looking forward to share with you all! Here at home, between air conditioning and TV, I am preparing my Japan story for you! In the meantime, here’s some pictures that me and my beardy boy took for apricot_clothing! Apricot is a leading British brand of women’s fashion that makes new trends… Read more →

Sqetch connects brands and manufacturers with one click!

Do you own a fashion label and you are looking for manufacturers? The Sqetch platform is just perfect for you! A few weeks ago I had a chat with Francesca , online marketer for Sqetch, and she explained me the details of this simple and revolutionary start-up! When Poelmann Wiebe, co-founder of the company, took his first steps in the fashion industry… Read more →

Summer in bikini with Cucò costumi!

Good afternoon girls!!! With this lovely sunny day here in London I’m dreaming summer already!! So I started to have a look around, on Instagram to be precise (I find everything there !!) in search of the pretties and most suitable bikinis for my body type and I found many original and creative ones! As every year, I will show some of my… Read more →

Natural Material meets style: thanks to Aarni Wood!

Happy Monday girls!! I recently came across a lovely websites that sells refined wooden watches and I thought I could talk about it on the blog! As you already know, wooden watches, glasses and phone-cases are now becoming incredibly fashionable and with the good season ahead we can definitely start showing them off! The brand I’ m going to talk… Read more →

Sbag inspired by Piero Guidi, now available to buy on the blog!!

Hi girls!!! As I had already announced last month in the post where I talked about my meeting with Piero Guidi,  the new “London” model of the famous SBAG bag inspired by Piero Guidi is finally available on the blog 🙂 🙂 🙂 The “SBAG” is a model that was designed and presented by Piero Guidi at Pitti Uomo in 1988,… Read more →

Vendula London!

Everything is possible here in London! In late April it’s still 10 degrees and today hailed so much that the road seemed almost snowy! Me and my beardy boy took advantage of the few minutes of peace to take some pictures in front of the house! And to show you that in London is really all possible, I want to show… Read more →

If The Shoe Fits! A website selling sizes 7-13!

Good morning girls!! Raise your hand if you are at least 1.72 m high and with a shoe size bigger than 6 uk? The statistics do not lie, generations have changed, women are taller and have longer feet. I myself carry a 7 uk!! We are adorable giants <3 !! Unfortunately for us, the majority of websites and shops -where we… Read more →

An adorable floral spring coat!

Hello gorgeous!! Sun is finally out (one day a week :)) and here in London we start to emerge from hibernation! With the good season, British seek fresh air and enjoy their spring traditions of pic-nics and infinite walks in all these beautiful parks we have in the city! In Woolwich (the area where we live now) there is a great… Read more →

A day with.. Piero Guidi!

It doesn’t happen everyday, to find yourself face to face with one of the phenomena of our time and, when one year ago I started this blog, I never thought I could have the fortune to even shake his hand and sit together on a round table to discuss a project dear to both. Call it passion, tenacity, dedication or guideline,… Read more →