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Corona Sunsets Festival <3

When I think about summer .. the amazing italian riviera always comes into my mind!! Beach parties, the rhythm of the music and that crazy desire to “dance all night”! I must admit that my little town, Pesaro, is a shining jewel, with its bicycle nights and the lovely sunsets seen from here, but the italian Riviera is certainly the best and for… Read more →

Valentine’s day: 10 Nice ideas for him/her <3

As it happens every year, the month of February restores the harmony lost after the festivities and brings along two special (though, sometimes, annoying) events: snow and Valentine’s day! The latter in particular is not particularly loved by those who are still in search of their half apple and sometimes creates some anxiety even to the lovers themselves. Groups of friends… Read more →

Taste of London!

Hello There 🙂 Hands on my keyboard I’m ready to rush into a new post, opening the ground for a new category on the blog: #food! I just got back from a fantastic day, spent around amazing chefs and lovely cuisine at the Taste of London event and there’s no better time to talk about it than now! So get yourself… Read more →