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Spring break- Turin in 3 days!

Although spring this year has a very bitter taste, the alarm clock in the morning reminds you that everything continues, inexorably and beautifully, to run its own course. The sun that warms the grass still wet from the dew, the rebirth of flowers and colors, the Easter of resurrection for believers and non-believers and a proud life crescendo. This past weekend… Read more →

The Photography Show- Birmingham (19-22 March 2016)

March is finally here (we are already feeling blessed for the great sunny days here in London) and with it, there’s a big event coming up: The Photography show! The event is dedicated to everything photography, from inspiring enthusiasts, to providing professional photographers with access to exclusive networking and giving leading photography brands the opportunity to show the audience new exciting technologies and accessories… Read more →

3D print your accessories with Wonderluk!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Roberta, the creator of Wonderluk, bought her first 3D printer a while ago.. believing it would transform her relationship with fashion. She would imagine herself creating incredible fashion accessories and having them ready to wear within a few hours. It all turned out to be disappointing. It would take hours of tech coding to print a simple bracelet. Also,… Read more →

Black Friday Deals!!

It’s Black Friday folks, and I’ve got a detailed list of codes you can use to get discount on everything you like!! It’s time for shopping.. Enjoy!! -20% off at Zara -20& off at adidas using code “BLACKFRIDAY” -20% off at Office -20% off at PullandBear -20% off at Ted Baker -20% off at Misguided -20% off at AnnSummers -20%… Read more →