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As Kylie says, shop her look at LovesAdores!

Kylie Jenner is one of the most important personalities in the planet! Her style has influenced millions of people around the world and everything she touches becomes gold! But what can we say about her style? Her style is certainly unique, very feminine, provocative and attractive as she is. Recently, I have been looking on the internet for the perfect “Kylie style”… Read more →

An embroidered dress is always fashion!

This year the winter collections are embellished with embroidery and laces, so classic and ladylike. In autumn I personally prefer wearing blue lace: honestly I do not know why, it’s just the feeling of being elegant and sensual without excessing whenever I wear it. Lace dresses are always elegant, timeless items that are a must in the wardrobe of all… Read more →

Autumn is the season of coloured socks! <3

For me Autumn is a weird season. The slow fade of summer, starting from mid-August, always takes me a bit of melancholy and with the arrival of clouds, rain, and that annoying mist that slowly lies on your nose and ruins your plated hair, I feel everyday more and more lazy. Less nights out with friends, less aperitifs and more TV, zapping… Read more →

Matching AW 16/17 trends with the lovely Elie Beaumont watches!

There is no need to say, we love to be perfect. Fashionable haircut, perfect rich and bright colour, high heels and that dress that “I couldn’t resist, I had to buy it!”. Even those who do not follow the latest trends in fashion, always try to match the right accessories to their outfit! This is why I decided to give… Read more →

London Fashion Week, AW2016 (part1)

This AW2016 London Fashion Week kicked off with a WOW. Day one was all about a feminine, glamorous and chic mood at the Eudon Choi and Ryan Lo shows and the Threefloor presentation. All over the catwalks there was a prevailing of details: sequins, furs, buttons and zips. Then there were the coats – extremely oversized, rich and illustrious. Here’s some pics from my favourite… Read more →

Valentine’s day: 10 Nice ideas for him/her <3

As it happens every year, the month of February restores the harmony lost after the festivities and brings along two special (though, sometimes, annoying) events: snow and Valentine’s day! The latter in particular is not particularly loved by those who are still in search of their half apple and sometimes creates some anxiety even to the lovers themselves. Groups of friends… Read more →

3D print your accessories with Wonderluk!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Roberta, the creator of Wonderluk, bought her first 3D printer a while ago.. believing it would transform her relationship with fashion. She would imagine herself creating incredible fashion accessories and having them ready to wear within a few hours. It all turned out to be disappointing. It would take hours of tech coding to print a simple bracelet. Also,… Read more →

Christmas at Kew <3

Christmas is already gone.. and with it the lights, the christmas trees, the decorations and the fantastic atmosphere that we feel in the air during the festive months! This year, for the first time, I celebrated Christmas in London with my lovely family. Cappelletti, torroni and panettone Filippi were readily imported from Italy and we treated ourselves with the amazing Italian drink “spritz”… Read more →

Winter with Shores!

I still remember when, at the age of 15, I got my first leather jacket from one of the lovely boutiques in Florence. I had wanted one for years, but I was not sure it would suit me. Leather jackets are often associated with gorgeous self-confident girls and I definitely didn’t think I could wear one without looking ridiculous! I was certainly wrong. I loved… Read more →

T-shirts Mania!

I don’t not know about you, but I always do a huge effort to find cool and somewhat unusual t-shirts to wear every day! Do not get me wrong, there are many tees on the market but every time I do a tour in the more affordable shops (Zara, Pull & Bear, hm etc ..) they all seem the same to… Read more →